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About us

We help you to be the best you can be.
This is our idea of continuous improvement.

Rules for racing

Where does development originate?
From rules. Because rules are bridges.
So what happens when a person or an organisation encounters a limitation or an obstacle? They have to overcome it.
The rules of continuous improvement – management system certifications – are bridges that help overcome obstacles. They have nothing to do with dull bureaucracy.
At Dimitto, the rules are multicoloured common sense.

This has benn the case since 2006,when our company was founded. Throughout  all these years we have certified thousands of companies, so it is as though we have built many bridges that have helped companies and professionals to improve and innovate.




Benefit Corporation

Benefit Corporation

Because one does not improve alone, and only for oneself, but together with people and the environment. Hence the decision to become a Benefit Corporation


Enviromental, Social e Governance

Perspective ESG

We work according to measurement criteria that attest to the work done in the Enviromental, Social and Governance areas.

Gender Equality

Equity and development

Gender Equality

We have chosen to continue on the path of gender equality because development can not take place without those who bring wisdom, and a sense of adventure.

Health and Safety

A safe workplace

Health and Safety

Because a safe workplace is a better workplace and one that creates progress.

Many courses, only one way
to improve:

Training is about shaping one’s life and career. That is why, together with its usual services, Dimitto has created Skilful and WebMartPlus: places designed for those who are keen to build their future by creating opportunities and relationships.

Many services, only one rule

Our business originated with management system certifications and CE markings. But the context is constantly changing and requires new tools and services. Here is what we can do for you.

Goiso Method

where we are

We would like to be everywhere, but in the meantime you can find us here.

Dimitto AG

Wasgenring, 94
4055 Basel(Switzerland)
Tel. +41 616910949

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Via C. Freguglia, 2 (registered office)
20122 Milan (MI)
Tel. 800 62 96 61

Dimitto Italia Srl SB

C.da Santa Loja (operational office)
85050 Tito (PZ)
Tel. +39 0971 26669

Dimitto Balkans doo

Reljina, 4/3
11000 Belgrade Serbia
Tel. +381 117 156 952